Bower Place for RDPC members

Please read carefully the following information if you wish to play at Bower Place.

Questions? Email:

**NOTE: Bower Place courts will be closed every Saturday night at 5:00 pm effective Apr 15**


  • Use entrance near Marshalls (NE Entrance)
  • Take stairs or elevator to second floor not escalator
  • 7 courts are set up
  • For the door code directions members can email:
  • When you leave, remember your belongings, close/lock the door behind you, and turn off the lights (located to the right of the main exit door)especially if you are the last one.
  • First Aid kit and Defibrillator is on site

 Who can play:

  • Members with a current 2023 membership are eligible to play 
  • Send E transfer to: and indicate it is for Winter Play 23
  • Please sign in using the books provided.
  • We invite current 2023 RDPC members to bring a friend to try out the courts.  Non members need to sign the waiver that is found in the non member sign in binder. RDPC members have Pickleball Canada Insurance.
  • The cost for RDPC members is $5.00 and for non members it is $10.00.  Place money in cashbox at entrance. This is an honesty system.

Schedule information

  • Schedule will be based on mall hours or due RDPC adjustments
  • Please ensure you have exited the mall at closing time. (By 8:00 from Mon-Sat and by 5:00 on Sun.)
  • Use HMC (Hold My Court)for private bookings and to view schedule. Ensure you check the schedule before going to the courts.
  • You will need to set up an account to book private courts
  • As of May 1st/23 all courts should be booked using HMC
  • If the court is not booked it can be used for drop in play but private bookings take priority
  • Be fair and rotate ensuring others can play if they are waiting

Facility Information

  • Seating area will be located inside near the entrance of facility
  • Washrooms are only available in the mall (Food court) and not in the facility
  • A water station is set up inside the facility
  • Bring your own water container, pickleball, and paddle
  • Bring a damp cloth to wipe your court shoes on for greater traction
  • Monitor your own belongings -RDPC is not responsible
  • Leave outdoor shoes on carpet area
  • Each of us are responsible for ensuring the courts are safe and clean. If you find the courts dusty/dirty use the dust mop found in the facility.
  • When visiting the courts do not walk around inside wearing outside shoes/boots.
  • Use garbage containers provided
  • Bower mall is not responsible for cleaning


The management at Bower Mall is excited about this venture/partnership. We are the first PB organization in Alberta using a shopping mall. We are very appreciative of this opportunity.

If you have questions email