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Pickleball Ratings

In Pickleball, ratings are a system used to categorize players based on their skill level. This system helps in organizing fair and competitive matches, tournaments, and leagues. You can acquire a club rating by completing a rating clinic, or a tournament rating (CTPR) by competing in a sanctioned tournament anywhere in Canada.

Here’s a breakdown of how ratings work and their purpose in Pickleball.

Rating Scale

Pickle Ball rating scale

Pickleball ratings vary from 1.0 (beginner) to 5.5+ (professional level). Ratings are often broken down into smaller, two decimal point increments, like 2.25 or 3.37, to provide a more precise assessment of a player’s ability.

Your rating is most commonly impacted by playing in sanctioned tournaments or leagues where the outcomes of each game are documented and your rating will go up or down accordingly. The algorithm factors not just whether you won or lost but also details like the margin of victory and the ratings of each player.

Learn more about ratings at Pickleball Canada’s website.


This is a basic and brief overview of what players at each level look like. This is not a detailed breakdown of the necessary skills and execution of those skills at each level.

1.0 – 2.0 – If you’re just starting to play and have no other sports background.

2.5 – If you have limited experience and can sustain a short rally.

3.0 – If you understand the fundamental skills and strategies such as court positioning.

3.5 – If you know the differences between the hard and soft game. You move quickly to the non-volley zone and understand the benefits of “stacking.”

4.0 – If you are able to identify and attack weaknesses of the other team. You are aware of your partner’s position on the court and are able to move as a team with your partner.

4.5 – If you understand and execute strategy, have good footwork and fast hands, communicate well while you play, and move efficiently with your partner.

5.0+ – If you have mastered the strategy and mobility required to compete at the highest level with minimum unforced errors. You easily play and transition in and out of a fast and slow game.

Club Ratings

Club ratings allow players to compete against others of similar skill levels in club organized play. This ensures a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Once a member of RDPC has a comprehensive understanding of the rules, they may choose to pursue an initial rating using one of the following methods:

  • Club Rating Clinic: Members may participate in a rating clinic to earn or challenge their current rating. Evaluation is completed by a qualified, experienced player of a higher skill level than the rating being assigned. Club ratings are determined based on various skill factors, such as serving, returning, ball control, strategy, and the ability to handle different types of shots.

  • Tournament Rating: Players with tournament play ratings may use their gender doubles or mixed rating as their club rating. We will accept any of the following tournament ratings for anyone who has competed in at least one sanctioned tournament:
    • CTPR (Canadian Tournament Player Rating)
    • UTPR (USA Tournament Player Rating)
    • Pickleball Brackets Rating
  • DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating): Players may log games into DUPR with permission of all participants. Once a rating is earned with a reliability score of 70% or higher, this may be accepted as your club rating.

Club ratings are only used by the club who assigned you that rating. If you would like to update your club rating to reflect a more recent rating earned through one of the above criteria, you may do so by submitting a request through our members only page.

Tournament Ratings

Tournament ratings allow players to compete against others of similar skill levels in tournaments. This ensures a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Your tournament rating will go up or down based on the outcome of games played in tournaments.

Tournament organisers group players based on ratings. For example: A player is rated 3.12, they typically are put in the 3.0 category with players rated 3.00 to 3.49.

Your tournament rating is accepted nationwide.

Progress Tracking

For individual players, ratings serve as a tool to track their progress and development in the sport. Improving one’s rating is often a goal for players seeking to advance their skills and play at higher levels of competition.

Player Development

Clubs and Coaches use ratings to tailor training programs to the specific needs and skill levels of their players, helping them focus on areas that need improvement.

Organized Play

Our club uses ratings to organize competitive rated play, round robins, members only tournaments and more that will ensure play is balanced amongst participants.

Making Space For All Players

We understand that no rating system is perfect, but having a system that we follow is important for the development of competitive play in our club. Whether you are just starting or an experienced veteran of the sport, ratings help us create space for balanced competitive play at all skill levels.

It is important to remember that all members in our club want to have fun when they play Pickleball. As individuals we can vary in what we think that should look like. Some players may have no interest in ratings or competitive play, but for others that is what makes the sport fun. It is important that we respect and allow room for all players who chose to be part of our pickleball community.