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Our primary season is from May 1-Sept 30th. We are home to one of the largest outdoor facilities in Canada and Pickleball Alberta's 2021 Club Of the Year.

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Lessons & Clinics

Ready to learn how to play Pickleball or are wanting to strengthen your skills?  We have clinics and lessons for all levels of play.

We offer lessons for new players to the sport of Pickleball and for those that would like to improve on intermediate or advanced skills.

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Our schedules

Indoor Play  (Winter) 2023

Indoor Play commences after Thanksgiving and concludes at the end of April ( weather permitting). We currently lease space at Bower Mall. There are 7 courts available for RDPC members primarily. However, there are some drop in times for non members. Schedules change as needs arise so check often.

For more information click here:  Winter Play Bower Place

Since 1993

The Red Deer Pickleball Club was established for the support and promotion of the sport of pickleball. Members have been working for many years to grow the club. RDPC officially became a club November 1, 2013.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Red Deer Pickleball Club is to facilitate the growth of pickleball in Central Alberta for the enjoyment, health and social engagement of all players by offering organized recreational and competitive play, by ensuring opportunities for the continued development of all players in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

Pickleball in Red Deer


Enjoy the social, and physical fitness benefits of being an active Pickleballer.  Become a member of the Red Deer Pickleball Club (RDPC) today, make friends, play, and have fun.