What To Do at Nationals Other Than Pickleball?

Red Deer and Central Alberta have so much to offer, we hope you take some extra time to enjoy why we call Red Deer home when we're not playing Pickleball.

Our ambassadors have curated a list of activities that are a great fit for people visiting or those of us that perhaps haven't looked around our backyard often and forgot "oh yeah we have that".

Check out our detailed "Explore Red Deer" page here.  (https://reddeerpickleball.com/explore-red-deer/)

While on-site if you have questions about what's going on, where things are, what time an event takes place, look for our ambassadors.


Sporting Bright Blue "Ask Me I Can Help" buttons the Court Ambassadors will be a treasure trove of the information.

Pickleball Court Ambassadors will be circulating through Motorworks Feild engaging folks and answering questions.

The Ambassador team will be promoting Pickleball and the City of Red Deer.   The Team will be joined daily by Colleen Chapman- Hambly, Tourism Red Deer.

People should keep an eye out for these volunteers, they not only will be of great help but will have special promotional items to give away during the tournament.   Come on over and say hello at our Ambassador booth located in the vendor area.  We might even have your Lost and Found item.

A partial summary of what you can find on our Explore Red Deer Page (https://reddeerpickleball.com/explore-red-deer/)

  • Elis Bird Farm
  • Kerry Wood Nature Centre
  • Fort Normandeau 
  • Old-Time Game Time
  • Colourful Crossing
  • Bower Ponds and Tea at Cronquist House
  • Cronquist House Tea -Wednesday's to Saturday's
  • Bower Ponds Recreation Area
  • Paddle Boats
  • Canoes & Kayaks
  • Water Balls
  • Surrey Bikes
  • Discovery Canyon
  • Mountain Surf Co
  • Brewery Tours
  • Farmer Markets
  • Gasoline Alley Framers Market (indoor year-round)
  • Market Kitchen
  • Ross Street Patio and Farmers Market
  • Ghost Walking Tour
  • Heritage Ranch and Westlake Grill

AND SOO much more at https://reddeerpickleball.com/explore-red-deer/