The RDPC Summer Play Committee is thrilled to announce our re-opening program starting Thursday June 10.

The program is intended to blend the need for integrative open drop-in opportunities, competitive play opportunities, private court hold-my-court (HMC) booking opportunities, lesson programs and other special events. Please observe social distance in the corridors and sanitize often.

To view all the details of the summer play program click here

To view the online booking schedule (Hold My Court) click here


NEW: Check out the lastest information on Ladies Monday afternoon play

JUST ADDED:     The Summer Play Committee is glad to announce that there will be organized round robin plays on Monday and Thursday mornings, 9:30 am start, for players at level 3.0 and under.  The round robin play will commence on Monday July 19.

If you are eligible, please join Merv and Ellie when signing in on Monday and Thursday mornings and start having fun with the round robin play.

Non-Members fees

As of July 2nd/21, the drop-in rate for adult non members will be $10/person/day.  This is payable to the court captain when signing in. Please check the summer play Aug27Schedule  as to when drop-in play is available.

There is no fee for youth (under 18) for drop-in play.

Private courts and ball machines may not be booked by a non member. An active RDPC member may book courts to play with non members but they also need to collect the fee of $10.00/person to submit to the club.

Non members who are members in an affiliated Pickleball Canada club who wish to become RDPC members only pay the RDPC membership fee of $50.00 and not the Pickleball Canada or Pickleball Alberta fees again. You only pay the PC or PA fees once.