Stage Two Play and Sign Up

We are Open for Stage 2 COVID-19 play restrictions.

Stage Two is now open for registration with a launch date of June 22, 2020.

Full details at

Stage two requires us to place our members into groups or mini teams/leagues of 50.  This is an AHS thing.  No groups are larger than 50.  They are considered Sports Cohorts.  If you're confused by the term Cohort, blame AHS.

You must play within your Group of 50.  If you want to book private court time, please do so only players in your Sports Group Cohort and/or the same household format as stage 1.  This is for the safety and health of all.

Common Questions:

How do I sign Up?  Our player sign-up is managed on a separate site by one of our volunteers.  There they curate the registration and update the schedule.  At some point, we will be transitioning to a different Sign-Up system.  For now, this seems to be the simplest.

You MUST accept the player responsibility guidelines for Stage 2.  That can be found here. (

Ignore the spelling of Cohort the author of that page we know "Cohert" is incorrect.

We've created mini-leagues, groups, Cohort Sports Groups of our members.  Mornings and Evenings.  From there we're grouping by skill as best we can.  Our best analogy is to think winter play where you had to register by skill level and time/day.

Once a group fills up, another group will start to form if the numbers indicate enough players to schedule.

We know some of you will miss the cut because of timing, or misunderstanding etc.  We're doing the best we can with the information we have.  We would much rather have no restrictions and fill every court up and then some, but this is the hand we're dealt.

Any questions please let us know.


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