What Level Am I? What Is a Skills Rating?

Pickleball Ratings

Pickleball players are rated based on their skill level. The numerical reflection of a pickleball player’s skill level is called a pickleball rating. Pickleball ratings may also be referred to as pickleball skill levels. Pickleball ratings vary from 1 to 5.  

At the Red Deer Pickleball Club you will hear talk about:

  • Self Ratings
  • Club Ratings
  • Pickleball Brackets/Tournament Ratings
  • Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR)
  • USAPA Tournament Rating

USAPA is very common among our snowbird members and those that occasionally or frequently compete in the US.  

Why do we have ratings?

Ratings provide a means to compare the skill levels of competitors.  They may be used to determine a player’s skill level for tournament entry, specific club play (leagues, ladders, skill level brackets) where, for example, there are separate courts for different skill levels.

You will see clinics that are specifically geared or targeted to certain skill levels, such as 2.0/2.5 or 3.0/3.5 etc.  These are typically communicated as “this clinic is for 3.0 level players” or “prerequisite 3.5 for registration”.

So What’s My Rating?  Watch this basic skills video here to help you understand more about ratings.   You should also review this link from Pickleball Canada to get a more detailed understanding then download our RDPC-Skills Assessment form to give you a starting point.  There will be several rating clinics offered during the summer to help you to identify your rating.