The following guidelines are created to ensure that members can enjoy organized, enjoyable and safe play while at the Westerner. Please do your part during the challenging and unprecedented times we are in. Several guidelines reflect the guidance set out by AHS and the ongoing challenge of operating a Winter Play program. If the member wishes to have continued access, we ask for your cooperation and support.  Those who continually disregard the expectations may have restricted or lose court access.

  • Every cohort will have assigned time (noted by *on the schedule) where their cohort is responsible for the sign-in sheets, welcoming members, and directing members to the assigned courts. Other duties will be identified as well. A captain is a lead person/contact in a cohort who ensures the above role is fulfilled by members within the cohort.
  • The doors to the Parkland Pavilion open at 8:00 am and close at 10:00 pm. We do not have any responsibility to open or lock it**.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your assigned court time and leave the Westerner as soon after your scheduled cohort time is finished.
  • We cannot exceed 50 people in the Westerner.
  • Respect all social distancing guidelines (2 meters) before, during, and after play. Do not congregate at the entrance or at the courts.
  • There is a table set up inside the front entrance where you will find the cohort/private court sign-in sheets for the scheduled session. It is important you sign in for AHS tracing.
  • A large poster board near the sign-up table will have a current schedule posted as well as other messages as needed.
  • Please use the sanitizer bottle on the table or the automated hand sanitizer near the entrance.
  • Please do not wear outdoor shoes in the court area. Leave your shoes on the rug provided at the entrance.
  • Bring your own chair, hand sanitizer and water bottle, and something to wipe your runners occasionally.
  • It is encouraged you use your own ball but if members wish to share a ball for play, you should respect the wish of members who do not want to share.
  • Sanitize your equipment regularly (i.e. balls, paddles, and water bottles).
  • The assigned cohort member will direct you to the respective courts.
  • It is possible the number of assigned courts may be extra for a cohort group. The captains of the cohorts (or designate) will work together to ensure all the courts are used rather than have people stand around.
  • The schedule allows for some change over time between groups. As the time gets close to the end of the scheduled session you may be reminded to finish up your game. We ask that cohorts do not prevent or delay a scheduled cohort to use their courts.
  • People should not place chairs along the path on the left side of courts # 2 and 3. Chairs should be placed on the right side of the courts.
  • Respect and follow the rules of the Westerner facility and staff.
  • Don’t use the walls to practice rebounds.
  • Park in the large main parking area and not in the Westerner staff parking lot.
  • There are no doors to lock up but the last scheduled cohort group is to ensure the sign-in sheets are left on the table.

** The Westerner does not want the building left unattended.   If your scheduled cohort session is complete and the next captain has not arrived please call Josh (Westerner Event Delivery Supervisors) at 587.877.6222 to have staff lock the doors**.  This is not necessary if it's after 9:30 pm**

  • All registered members are to follow the Winter Play Guidelines sent out on Oct 12. It is also posted on our club website.
  • Winter play participants are asked to refrain from playing with any sports cohorts other than their current cohort within our club.
  • RDPC members who belong to the same cohort may schedule play within the Westerner against players who are not part of their cohort, provided the players they play belong to the same cohort (example “pair of North cohort may play against pair of South cohort using separate balls”). It is recommended that people limit the number of partners/opponents. This should be booked only during the private court time. (AHS/Club Rule).
  • Efforts are being made on a regular basis to adjust the schedule to fit the needs of members. Booking protocols are being established to ensure fairness for all.
  • To check the most recent schedule or to book a private court please go to Hold My Court https://holdmycourt.xyz/reserve2/reddeerpickleball  PASSWORD 2020

Note: Some participants might not be eligible to play due to switching cohort groups - highlighted on the sign-in sheet.  In such an event, the member may be asked if they have completed their “cohort isolation” or have had a negative test recently. If the AHS requirement is not met, they will tell the player they can not play in the cohort group. The captain may also remind members if they are behind in winter fee payment as highlighted on the sign-in sheet.

If you have any questions or issues please contact your cohort captain who will direct you to the person who can best deal with your concern. The Winter Play Committee are volunteers committed to making this a good experience for all but it will not be possible to please everyone. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.