We love that you want to learn more about Pickleball!

We are hosting a series of clinics designed to introduce a new player to our great sport. These lessons are ideal for someone that has never played, and wants to “check it out”.

They are also suited to players that have played but need some help with basics and setting a foundation for success. Whether you’ve been playing for a month or two and know “how” to play, or you’ve been playing for longer and would categorize your skill level as 2.0 or 2.5 we have lessons for you.

If you have no idea what a Pickleball skills rating is or a good knowledge base of rules and strategy, that’s fine too. We have lessons suited to you.

Our lessons start at $20 for members, and our members are encouraged to visit the events page of our member portal here. We will also be sending out member announcements from time.

Need Pickleball Lessons?

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Do I Have To Be A Member?

NO! We have lessons for all beginners whether they are club members or not. Those lessons/clinics start at $80. You’ll learn all the basics of gameplay, skills ratings, rules and more. We’ll also include a complimentary membership to our club (RDPC), Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada.

Do I need a paddle?

NO! Ideally yes, we prefer you to have your own, however, we will have some basic starter paddles for you to use during your lesson.

How does a member of the public sign up?

It starts with your email address and visit our membership page with Pickleball Alberta Here

Need Pickleball Lessons?

Sign Up For Lessons Today Click Here