PCNS (Pickleball Canada National System) is operational after many months of meetings and colloboration between the various provincial pickleball associations. The Red Deer Pickleball Club had several members involved with this project. This system has saved many hours of membership administration at all levels.

What is PCNS

PCNS allows national, provincial and club level pickleball organizations to:
● manage their membership, including receipt of membership fee payments,
● establish and maintain web pages targeted to members,
● email members,
● sell goods such as club T-shirts via a Market Place,
● capture “Places to Play” information

Future phases of PCNS will bring this additional functionality:
● improvements to the Market Place function,
● management of events such as ratings clinics, indoor and outdoor play times,
● competition management
● ratings management
● play/court scheduling

With this one system, you can pay club, Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada (PCO) fees at once, and you can then join additional clubs in Alberta without again paying your provincial and national association fees.

The link to Red Deer Pickelball Club's website on Pickleball Canada is found here.

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