Parking, Chairs & Bags at Nationals


We have a lot of parking, but we are also expecting a lot of traffic and vehicles to park.  Whenever possible we encourage ALL participants and volunteers to carpool.  We have around 900 registered players, 240 registered volunteers, and 40+ referees.  With 20 outdoor, and 8 indoor courts we will have 145 players and referees on courts at any given time, and another 400 waiting for their call or more.  The venue will be busy.

The typical club spots directly east of the courts will be used for vendors, practice courts, and player retreats.  The School parking lot will be on a first come first serve basis with parking attendants on-site to assist with traffic flow, player drop offs etc.  We will also have designated Volunteer parking for those that have a scheduled shift that day and are registered on the volunteer roster.


Please note, given the large volume of players, referees and spectators we will be restricting players from bringing lawn chairs and portable seating into the fenced play area.  Players that wish to set up "camp" for the day may do so along the exterior of the fenced compound.  This includes tents and portable shelters for shade.   The CLUB-supplied tables & benches with umbrellas will be set up on the east side of the facility.  Players may set up along the south side beside the referee villa, the west side beside the VIP tent, and along the north side.  There will 3 access points to the courts with loudspeakers, and a text message service for court assignments.

***No Lawnchairs or Portable Seating inside the fenced court area***


Bags are permitted, however, please refrain from hanging them on the court fences.


Players are permitted to bring with them into the court area for the game and match their

  • paddle(s),
  • a water bottle,
  • and a towel.
  • NO BAGS.

For player safety, and ease of play please limit your extra paddle to 1 extra only. ie 2 paddles total.  ALL Paddles will need to be visually inspected by the referee before use.

ALL Players that are serving will be required to wear or prominently display the "serving band" at all times when playing.  It may not be tucked under a sweatband, under a watch, tucked into your waistband or handing off the back of your hat.  The band must be clearly visible to both players and referees. Ask your referee for appropriate placement.


Spectating is welcomed.  Non-registered players are permitted to enter and watch games at their leisure.  Appropriate conduct and decorum are expected by all.  This includes no profanity, no insulting the referee or players, no hanging off the fence and impeding player movement, no coaching, and just plain old being a jerk is frowned upon.


It is the player's responsibility to be familiar with all Pickleball Tournament rules.  This includes recent updates or changes to the rules.  Visit Pickleball Canada for the latest rule book.


See note above to know the rules.  The tournament rules clearly outline when coaching of players is permitted.