The Pickleball Canada National Championship is coming to Red Deer Alberta! 

Answers to your FAQ’s

When can I register?

  • You can register online:  on April 15, 2021.

Where Do I register?


Are you still planning to proceed?

  • YES, we are still planning to proceed until we are told we can not.  

When is the deadline to whether we're actually hosting or not?

  • Our deadline for “Go or No Go” is June 1.  Please return to your registration and complete payment after June 1.

We understand your concerns. We live in Alberta, Canada, and are well aware that there is a vaccine rollout schedule, mask mandates, increased variants, and the Government may increase restrictions or relax them based on new information at any time.  Our committee certainly does not want to be refunding 100’s of registrations.  So we have delayed payment till after June 1.  We also need to know as we have to finalize our bookings, plans, equipment, volunteers etc.

For the next phase of registration for the Canadian Nationals see the details below along with the answers to some of the most prevalent questions we have been asked from you the players.

  1.   The tournament software Pickleball Brackets (PBB) will be now used for the Pickleball Canada National Championship 2021 in Red Deer this August 10-15.

The Tournament Director and Tournament Committee and have reviewed Pickleball Brackets and the abilities of the software’s features, load handling and technical design and aspects of the software.  It was determined that the PBB along with the onsite support in Red Deer, will be the best fit for our important national championship.

  1.   Registration will reopen on April 15 opening at 10:00 MDT at
  2.   Before April 15, please go to and to set up your player profile.  There is a Sign-Up button in the top right of the home page.
  3.       We will no longer have Age Only brackets.  This will allow us to add additional Age/Skill teams and brackets.  The brackets will be Junior 10-16, 17-34, 35-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+ with the skill levels for each age bracket being 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5.  The Open Division (5.0+) will have Open 17-49 and Senior Open 50+.
  4.   Daily Schedule
10-Aug Tuesday Womens Doubles 3.5 4.0
Mens Singles 3.5 4.0
11-Aug Wednesday Womens Doubles 3.0 4.5 Open
Mens Singles 3.0 4.5 Open
12-Aug Thursday Mens Doubles 3.5 4.0
Womens Singles 3.5 4.0
13-Aug Friday Mens Doubles 3.0 4.5 Open
Womens Singles 3.0 4.5 Open
14-Aug Saturday Mixed Doubles 3.5 4.0
15-Aug Sunday Mixed Doubles 3.0 4.5 Open


  1.   The players that did get into the register on April 1 will be able to pre-register for up to two events on April 13 and April -14.  After April 14 you will have to register as all others on April 15.   The players that we're able to register are listed in under Player List.  Note:  You must get your profile set up by April 10.  You can select their partner if in a doubles event.  The partner must register by April 15.

Depending upon registrations, and at a later date, the Tournament Director may merge brackets to have a full contingent of teams in the bracket or add additional age brackets. 

  1.   Many have asked about the eligibility for the Canadian Nationals.  To register for the Nationals you must have one of the following:
  2.   Canadian Birth Certificate
  3.   Valid Canadian passport or NEXUS
  4.   Permanent Resident card
  5.   Canadian Citizenship Certificate dated after February 2012
  6.   Canadian Citizenship Card dated before February 2012

In the double’s events, both players must have proof as above.  Proof must be presented at the registration desk at the time of check-in.

  1.   Those who were able to register and did so without a partner, have until April 19th to find a partner have them to register for the tournament.  After April 19th and no partner has registered the team will moved onto the Waiting List.
  2.   With the COVID and government guidance, the final go/no go date will be June 1.  All members will be notified at that time of the decision.
  3.   No registration payments will be collected until that date.  When registering please select On-Site Payment.  With the tournament a gonotice will be sent out to all players registered, for payment that must be received by July 15.  If payment is not received by July 15 the team will be put on the Waiting List.
  4.   All decisions of the Tournament Director will be final.

The Nationals is for Canadians and to ensure that the winner will be Canadian and have the opportunity to represent Canada next year at the World Championships in Austin, Texas.  The champions will come from the Open Division.

April 15 is going to be another wild day of registration.  Good luck in getting a successful registration!