More courts now available!

Great news!

As of Thursday, May 13th there will be 4 courts at Motorworks Field open for bookings for households only play or if you live alone singles play with someone who is a close contact. There are also 2 courts for ball machine bookings.


-There is NO drop-in play so you will need to book a court using HOLD MY COURT** (Club ID 2020). List the names of everyone who is playing in the spaces provided.

-The ball machine should only be booked for use by one person at a time. Wipe down the machine after each use with sanitizer and put it away unless someone is waiting to use it. We need to take care of the equipment or we risk losing it.

- There is no need to wipe down the nets or fences. However, the court gates and main entrance gates should be wiped down with sanitizer at end of each session. Sanitizing materials are available in the washrooms.

- The washrooms and front gate need be locked if you are the last one in the facility.

Remember to ensure you adhere to social distancing protocols. Masks are required when you can not safely distance 2 meters (i.e., wandering in the corridors or conversing with people).

We are moving into our second week of the AHS restrictions so let’s all do our part following all the guidelines so there are opportunities for all to play Pickleball in June!!

Thank you, summer play committee for all the work you do!

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  1. Hi l would like to book the ball machine today @ 2:00pm if that is possible thankyou

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