The Red Deer Pickleball Club has recently joined the new online membership system for Pickleball Clubs in Alberta.

Our provincial association, Pickleball Alberta, has led this project.

To finish setting up your account got to:

  1. click on the link above to go the home page for the membership system
  2. click on the login icon in the top right hand corner (looks like a person)
  3. enter your email for your username
  4. click on Forgot Password and follow the prompts to set a new password

Once you enter you will see your personal profile that has been partially completed from the information your club has provided to Pickleball Alberta.  Please complete the form and save it. Note: you can access your profile by clicking on the login icon from the home page.

Our club and Pickleball Alberta only use this information for our internal purposes.  Your information is not shared externally.  Some of your contact information is provided to Pickleball Canada for their membership information.

You are in charge of keeping your membership information up to date!  Our club will access the information in your profile for the purpose of communications, organizing play and other events. You can access your profile to look up information (including your Pickleball Canada number!).

Questions?  Need help?  Contact us

You may have questions for Pickleball Alberta, if so email