Membership renewals,first aid,refs, and your 2021-22 RDPC Board

The following areas need your attention,support and awareness, please read to the end.

Although we only have modified pickleball play due to the current AHS restrictions you are reminded that current RDPC Memberships are required.

If you have have "forgotten" how to renew or join:

Use the following RDPC membership renewal link and follow the online instructions


Go to the Pickleball Alberta membership platform and follow the on-screen instructions.

Try to do this before we change to the new PCNS membership platform**

**Important dates**

  • The last day to make membership changes using the above methods is 6 pm May 30/21.
  • You will not be able to join/make a renewal during May 31 to Jun 7 while the PCNS uploads membership data
  • The new process for new membership and renewals commences June 7 via PCNS

In alignment with Pickleball Alberta we are transiting to the new Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS) to be operational by June 7th. With the new PCNS system, you can pay club, Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada (PCO) fees at one site and you can then join additional clubs in Alberta. The new system will save many hours of membership administration at all levels and have many unique features. Stay tuned for more info on PCNS!


We are in need of more people with first aid certification for the Nationals and for the RDPC.  The registration cost will be covered by RDPC.

Our club will participate in a first aid course on June 12 and 13, 2021(0800-1630) at the St. John Ambulance Centre located at 6519 67 street in Red Deer.Covid protocols will be in place.

This will be a standard first aid level C CPR and AED course, Valid for three years.

In order for the course to go ahead we need a minimum of 7 people. The maximum capacity is 12. Register with before June 3! First come first served!

If you have questions call Joan -  403-346-4171

Refs are needed for Pickleball Canada’s National Tournament!

If you are interested in either of the following opportunities email with your questions.

Training for both Line Judges and Referees is provided by the club with no expense to the participants.

Want the best seat in the house at a medal match, be a Line Judge! We are looking for about 40 pickleball players who can take the Line Judge exam and attend a 1-hour training session. Your commitment would be for several hours a day for as many days as you want to work during the 6 days of the National Tournament.

We are also looking for referee's to work all matches at the National Tournament. You will need to be an experienced pickleball player who is willing to learn the rules well and apply them on the court. You will need to study the rules, attend a 3-hour session on referee Best Practices and write 3 exams. Then you will need to practise and do a practical evaluation on the court while officiating games to become certified.

Please welcome your 2021-22 Red Deer Pickleball Club Board Members

Best of luck on the year ahead!

Ted Sherback,President

Trina Murias,Vice President TonyLam,Treasurer

Directors: Rick Foret,Larry Hermary,

Gene Vollmin,Dennis Bowness and Kay Thul

Thank you to Brenda Feser and Patrick Galesloot for your time, commitment and dedication in ensuring the Red Deer Pickleball Club meets the needs of the over 400 members. We appreciate all that you did during time on the board!

1 thought on “Membership renewals,first aid,refs, and your 2021-22 RDPC Board”

  1. I just would like to say that Brenda Feser should receive a medal for all that she has done for the Red Deer Pickleball Club and for Pickleball throughout Alberta for many years. She has been one of the most impactful individuals in the development of the sport in Red Deer and indeed Alberta. Her involvement in Pickleball in Red Deer began somewhere around 2011 and without her efforts the tremendous progress of the Red Deer Club has made over the past 10 years has largely been because of people like Brenda. She served on the Red Deer Pickleball Club executive as Secretary and President. She was also a Pickleball Ambassador and her time commitment to the sport is unbelievable. Brenda kept meticulous records of play and through many of her efforts allowed the Red Deer Pickleball Club to present a strong argument for building new courts in Red Deer. In concert with working with Val Vollmin in particular and a few others in the Red Deer Pickleball Club has the finest Pickleball playing facility in Canada. If you see Brenda around the courts everybody ought to thank her for her efforts. Dick Feser, Brenda’s husband has also done much often behind the scenes work that made this club what it is today. We often take for granted what we have in RDPC but just know that without people like Brenda Feser we might still be playing Pickleball in abandoned Tennis Courts. It has taken visionaries like Rick Anderson, Val Vollmin, Brenda Feser plus others to get us to this place. The torch has been passed to a largely new executive led by Ted Sherback and I know it is in hood hands moving forward.

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