Member Badges/Name-tags

Good News!


We have member name-tags 

These have a magnet back on them, so you won’t be putting holes in your clothing.

Feel free to wear them on your shirt, shorts or even your bag.

RDPC Member tags

Why? So we know who you are. Makes it easier for hosts to identify who is a member and who might be new or a guest.

Also it aids in getting to know one another. Did you know we have over 250 members this year and still growing? That’s a 20% increase from 2018!

A lot of new faces. Wear your name badge, shake hands, play ball, and have fun

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2 thoughts on “Member Badges/Name-tags”

  1. This makes so much sense. Great idea.
    The two questions that remain after reading this post is.

    Who do we contact to grab one of these bad boys?

    Is there a cost to grab one of these bad boys? (nominal would be expected)

    1. Thanks!!
      No cost for the first nametag. Included in your membership fee, Larry. Replacement costs to follow.

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