First Aid On-Site for Nationals

An Interview with Club First Aid Chairwoman Joan Skiba.

When Will First Aid be Available?

A First Aid team will be on-site daily for tournament play from:

  • 0800-1900 or until the play is done.

Where Can You Find Us?

Our station will be located inside the east fence beside the washrooms facility.

Is there an AED if someone needs it?

There is an AED on-site and fire station across the street.

How many First Aiders are going to be available?

Our twelve plus volunteers have recently attended a St. John Ambulance Level C AED/CPR course and/or have a nursing/physio/paramedic/first aid background. Several of our referees also have first aid certificates.

Is there anything you recommend or that a player can do to prevent injury?

For those who are coming from out of town please be prepared for hot, cold, wet, windy or smokey weather.  The August 2019 tournament was bitterly cold. July 2021 has been very hot.  we recommend that you ensure you have a day pack/bag and include the following for a successful and incident-free tournament.
    • Pack a water bottle,
    • electrolyte drink,
    • hat,
    • neck chill out a towel,
    • sunscreen,
    • SPF clothing or warm clothing,
    • gloves etc,
    • sunglasses,
    • eye protection,
    • nutritional snacks,
    • hand sanitizer,
    • braces,
    • a few bandaids,
    • your own Tylenol/Advil and your medication.

Are players allowed to bring a water bottle into the courts and ask for a water break?

Hydration during games is allowed and recommended.  This is not considered time out but should not be used to slow play down.  There is a cold water dispenser on the north wall of the washroom facility.  There will be hydration stations and food vendors.  As long as your water bottle doesn't interfere with play or cause players to trip etc. you may have a water bottle inside the court fence with you.

What happens if I do fall, run into the fence or suffer from serious cramps and need help?

Should you need medical help during a match let the referee know.  The referee can also summon medical help at their discretion.  You cannot take a medical time-out before the match starts. You can have one player requested medical time out per match.  If no valid condition exists you will be charged a standard time out.

Anything else we need to know?

First Aid personnel do not administer medication.  Only a family member may drive a causality to the hospital if safe to do so.  Make sure you have emergency contact person information on your phone and in your bag.  Be prepared with the supplies and information.  Prepare in advance so that you need not call on us.  However, if you do, we are here to help. 🙂

     We wish you a safe and healthy tournament.