This program is the next level of “Let's Play “ or just a player looking to increase their Skill / Knowledge and comfortability fit into play at RDPC.

The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to support new players to learn how to play the game, improve their skills, and have fun. Offer gentle correction and encouragement - show players how to execute proper ready position, dink shots, serve, and score. Provide guidance on Pickleball rules and etiquette. Ambassador will help you fine-tune your game and offer tips to improve your skills.

This program is designed for players 2.0 and 2.5 players.

When: Once a week during Tuesday morning drop-in

Cost: There is no cost associated with the program.

How to sign up:
Players will sign up on the sheet when they arrive for open play, you will be directed to a court. You will work on safety, and court movement, and play fun games.

Our Ambassador Chair Lori Gillespie

You will find a sign-up sheet at the main entrance; this is a free mentorship. For more information contact Lori