Advance Your Pickleball Play With a Pro

Pickleball Tune-Up?  Pickleball Master Class?

Sign up to attend the Pickleball Clinics on August 16th & 17th

Learn from two of the best in the game.  A rare opportunity to improve your dinking strategies, placement, and more with Top Pickleball Pro Canadians Charles Neufeldt and Karina Michaud. (flyer below)

The Clinic will cover topics such as:

  • Dinking strategies
  • Footwork at the NVZ
  • Fast Hands at the net
  • Key to successful 3rd shot drop
  • How to approach the net
  • When to use Drop vs Drive
  • Attacks at the net
  • Defence: Reset/Blocks
  • Doubles strategies

Players will also receive a gift bag:

  • Dinkers and Bangers shirt, Selkirk Hat
  • Zelus Wristbands & Acacia Pro Socks

These clinics are open to ALL players and ALL Skill levels.  These are a unique in-depth clinic with Charles Neufeldt & Karina Michaud in this two-day 6 Hour Clinic at the Canadian National Pickleball Championships right here in Red Deer!!

Spots available for:

  • 2.5 - Novice Players.  Ideal for new players with some skill.  Do you know the basics?
  • 3.0 - Advanced Novice players
  • 3.5 - Intermediate players
  • 4.0+ - Advanced players
Canadian Nationals Pickleball Clinic (Aug 16th-17th)