Robyn Froese - Pickleball Instructor and Coach

Robyn Froese, Pickleball Coach Level 1 NCCP

Robyn began playing pickleball in 2013 when her parents bought a house in Arizona and decided to put a pickleball court in the backyard. It started out as recreational, but nothing in her family stays that way for long. During COVID she could play a lot and it was no longer something she did just for fun. Although it still is a lot of fun!
Robyn played many sports (volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, badminton, handball, track, and soccer) growing up and throughout high school. In college and university, she played volleyball; once that season of life came to a close, she needed another sport to fill that competitive need.
After graduating first with a business degree, she began working and immediately started helping coach the senior women’s volleyball team at Lindsay Thurber. This love for coaching inspired her to return to school and get a bachelor of education to continue teaching and coaching youth in the area. Between volleyball and pickleball, she loves sharing her passion for the sport.
Pickleball is a great sport for all ages and abilities and an awesome way to meet new people and socialize with the community!